Motorcycle GPS Device vs Universal Car GPS Device

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A lot of bikers and car owners have considered using GPS navigator devices for their ride these days. Motorcycle GPS devices and universal car GPS devices provide good recommendations for routes to make your journeys faster, saver and easier.

Motorcycle and Car GPS Facts and Differences

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that provides assistance for traveling individuals to reach their destination in a fast, safe and efficient manner. Both models offer the same functions but each unit have features which makes them distinct to one another. That’s why we’ve placed the motorcycle GPS device vs Universal car GPS device directly opposite each other:

The Motorcycle GPS

The motorcycle GPS is weather and more extreme conditions proof so it will be safeguarded from the elements. To make sure that the device will stay in tip-top form, the driver has to ensure that the damp would not accumulate on the area because condensation can damage the entire unit. A number of displays are designed with anti-reflective properties to make reading routes easier for the driver and to counter sunlight’s harsh glare.

Motorcycle trackers are mostly waterproof and are designed in a way that it will stay durable because it’s mounted outside and exposed to rain and snow unlike car GPS devices.

A motor bike GPS can be joined to the ride’s battery so it is charged all the time. Several systems need their own batteries to run while some models operate using solar power. Knowing a model’s charging methods is important so you can guarantee that the unit will always be on hand anytime you need it.

The motorcycle GPS can be versatile; you can use it on other modes of transportation like snowmobiles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). Especially handy when you only need to use the motorcycle every so often; swap it to another machine and enjoy its GPS benefits. However to prevent any inconvenience, make sure that the unit is not a hassle to detach and attach if you plan on using the gadget on different rides.

High quality models might have a higher price as compared with the models that were built with less specs but fact is you will be saving more if you invest on a versatile model.

The Car GPS

Garmin nuvi 2495LMT Motorcycle GPS deviceMeanwhile, vehicle GPS devices like the motor bike models enable drivers to direct them to their planned destination or route by means of the device’s GPS system. It produces or suggests a course that you can follow to point you where you have to go.

Like the previous GPS devices, universal car GPS navigators will also safeguard you through the city and during your road trips or motorcycle holidays. Both models for the car and motorcycle GPS navigators have systems which include a variety a features like integral roadside assistance, emergency assistance access and monitoring services.

Both GPS devices for the motor bike and the automobile are relatively small in size and handy. They can be easily mounted on the vehicle’s windshield or dash or a motorcycle’s handlebars. However, bear in mind that there are varying GPS mount laws on each state in the US and you have to follow these rules in order to make your travels safer.

The vehicle and motorcycle navigators will also help you save money in the long run. No more taking the wrong exits, getting lost or searching for an address. The more advanced motorcycle navigators will also direct you to the nearest petrol station, warn you for dangerous road situations and much more. Plus many features that you won’t encounter while driving in a car.

Another glaring difference between the two is that motorcycle trackers have audio-out set against an integrated speaker so the wearer can convey the audio to his or her helmet’s speakers, motorcycle intercom or motorcycle audio. The bike GPS’s anti-glare displays are also considered better than the vehicle kind.

Motor bike GPS units are also designed to endure the bike’s vibrations plus it is more inclined to provide better Bluetooth connection together with a motorcycle intercom, headset equipped with Bluetooth technology or Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

GPS for Your Wheels – Choose Wisely

However, regardless of these GPS’ differences, prospective buyers should always remember to see how these devices are mounted prior to a purchase. As mentioned before, there are laws governing such details and it’s better to follow the rules to a tee to prevent further trouble ahead. Improper mounting adds to the risk in the event of an accident so those laws, which can vary from state to state, were made.

An appropriate model must not interrupt your steering, driving or other controls on your ride but it should also be positioned in a way that it’s easy for drivers to decipher. Don’t decide based on face value; ask the staff for a sample device that’s already attached on a vehicle or a motorcycle so you can examine it further.

It would be more ideal for bikers to use a motorcycle GPS device than conventional vehicle drivers since the former are more disposed to deal with searching for decent traveling terrain and acquainting themselves with untried routes particularly back roads. The safety factors a GPS navigator provide are also a great advantage for bikers traveling from different, unfamiliar places.

There are plenty of available models for both rides in the market today, each with standalone features and specifications. They can be found on vehicle and motor bike shops from all over the country. The better quality models are also available online via this website.

All in all, it’s fair to say a motorcycle GPS is the better choice since it is very versatile, portable, and durable. You can use it on other types of vehicles and not just on motor bikes – on any kind of weather condition.

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