Top 10 What Every Rider Needs

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Safe driving, knowing all the rules and keeping your ride in tiptop condition is a must for every rider out there. However, sometimes there are factors that were often ignored by riders. Factors like proper gear to make traveling by motorcycle even safer.

Once you get on that motorbike, expect that you will cover plenty of miles in speeds you don’t normally do on city roads. So what’s a biker to do to be safe during travel? Inspect your own gear first, and then read this article.

This post will cover ten of the musts a biker has to have to ensure his safety all day, every day, come rain, sleet or snow.

  1. Helmet

Scala Rider Freecom 2 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth intercom

A helmet is essential. Not only will this headgear protect your noggin from risks involved in crashes, it will also protect your eyes from blustery winds and bugs. Helmets often undergo various tests first before being mass-produced to ensure that its users will be safe.

The more expensive models are built with Kevlar or fiberglass materials but you can still get a prime model provided you are going to buy your helmet from a reputable source. More often than not, it has a 5-year life so it’s better that you buy yourself a new one following 5 years of use.

There are special helmets available with a built-in Bluetooth motorcycle headset for easy setup of your intercom system.

  1. Jacket

Buffalo-Alpine-Waterproof-Motorcycle-Jacket-Flu-Yellow-WinterThe jacket will safeguard the upper part of your body, so pick on a jacket that not only feels comfortable but will provide safety as well. Motorcycle jackets often fall into the leather and textile category and resilient models often feature prime textiles like the Cordura, which can withstand abrasion as much as leather can. Some even feature body armor which can take in impact during a crash.

  1. Pants

Effective pants for riding are bottoms with Kevlar panels so it can withstand shock during a crash. Motorcycle pants come in leather and other textile materials and in order to ensure safety, must contain the CE-rating in places like the knees, shins, and hips.

  1. Boots

Support the weight of your more-than-a-hundred-pound bike with an excellent pair of boots. Boots with great traction, oil resistance, and effective ankle support are recommended. Your feet are at risk during a crash so they have to be protected as well.

To avoid twisting soles, look for boots with a metal plate extending throughout the sole. Boots with armor over the ankle and the shin will also safeguard those vulnerable parts.

  1. Gloves

Motorcycle safety gear clothingYour hands need to get a good grip on those bars, thus a great pair of gloves is a must. In addition, your hands are also one of the first body parts affected during a collision so you need to protect your mitts.

A good pair of gloves must cover your entire hand and the wrist part fully in a comfortable and snug manner. It also needs to include a retention strap around the glove’s wrist, is made from abrasion-resistant stuff and is durable.

  1. Suits

Need full protection? Then you have to invest in a motorcycle suit. It can provide comfort and safety for the rider on factors like weather and collisions. However, you really need to put out some serious cash since they can be expensive.

A one-piece suit will let wearers feel more comfortable and flexible as compared with two-piece models.

  1. Armor

The motorcycle body armor refers to gear that will help safeguard your body from taking in the impact riders will experience during collisions. It can be bought individually or as a part of a riding gear package. They come in the form of elbow protectors and back protectors.

In order to get armor that fits, make sure that the area it was meant to protect will cover those parts fully. For example, a back protector must conceal the whole lot starting from the coccyx down to the base of the neck.

Back protectors often come in 2 safety levels: the CE1 and the CE2.

  1. Eyewear

While cruising, visibility is a requirement. If you are fond of riding during the day or your wear an open-face helmet, make sure that you invest in a pair of good-quality sunglasses. Sunglasses can help get the wind out of your face, can keep away the sun’s glare and will also keep those bugs from flying straight to your eyes.

Look for sunglasses that are quite snug yet comfortable at the same time.

  1. Motorcycle GPS

Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle GPS deviceMotorcycle GPS units make it a whole lot easier for riders to locate places and move to their target destination. It features a touchscreen that can withstand the sun’s rays, features Bluetooth connectivity and it comes preloaded with maps that you can use as guides for your travels.

A good GPS unit must have a touchscreen system with a clear display and the interface must be sensitive enough that you can use it even with gloved hands. The device must be easily mounted on the motorcycle as well. Some models come with a mounting bracket but there is also a universal mounting bracket available that can fit a majority of different models from various brands.

A good motorcycle GPS unit should also be weatherproof, or water-resistant.

  1. Basic Maintenance Equipment

Your ride needs tending too, and these are some of the tools that you need in your garage.

Oil drain pan for changing your ride’s oil, a cable luger, pliers, a bike stand to park your motorcycle, wrenches in a variety of sizes, a multi-meter, a chain breaker and riveter, socket and last but not least, a torque wrench.

Deciding to buy your own motorbike and being a rider subjects you to the dangers involved in the said activity, unpredictable weather conditions and entails that you stay focused and fit in order to stay away from the risks. Fortunately for the riders of today, there are vast options available when it comes to safety gear. You can also thank modern technology for furthering and improving most of the gear retailed today.

Now you have gear that will not only help you keep safe during crashes, but will also help riders avoid fatigue. Invest on those good-quality gear because, in the long run, your body will thank you for it.

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