BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS Review

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI









  • Pre-installed North America maps
  • Free life long map updates
  • BMW quality


  • High price

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The last BMV Motorrad GPS device, the BMW Motorrad Navigator V, was widely received by thousands of motorcyclists all over the globe. And now, it seems like the newest BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is about to make the same stride in success. There is a lot to be excited about this iteration, and the sooner you get in on the action the better.

To give you inkling as to how huge this product is going to be, let this motorcycle GPS review be your introduction. From the general specifications down to the latest features and technologies, all these will be discussed in more detail down below.

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS


The BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is made by Garmin and sports a black casing that is not only robust, but also waterproof (IPX7) and resistant to petrol and vibration. For the physical dimensions, it measures 136 x 83.4 x 24 mm (WxHxD), and weighs about 288 g. Its display size measures 127 mm diagonally, and has an 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

The battery on this model can last about 4 hours, which can be recharged from a PC via micro-USB, or be continuously powered through your bike’s battery. Aside from its internal high-sensitivity GPS receiver, Bluetooth® connection is also present. Mount is optional, although the four-button holder is hard to ignore.

Features and Technologies

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS mounted on BMW MotorbikeWithout delaying much information, let us go through all the new features of this latest BMW Motorrad navigator straight away. Do not worry, I will still explicate on the existing innovations that made this Navigator series so popular, especially for those that are new to motorcycle GPS devices.

First off, the brand new BMW Motorrad Navigator VI has a new feature that helps you automatically avoid major country roads, through continuous calculation of your path. It is not only helpful in circumventing congested highways, but when combined with the current motorway avoidance function, you are guaranteed an alternative road that is ideal for your motorbike trips.

These technologies should also complement the gadget’s improved “winding roads” route avoidance function. This particular option ensures that you do not encounter too much built-up terrains. Furthermore, the roundtrip feature is a great addition to this device, which formulates start and finish routes that are closest to each other, according to distance, duration, and even specific stops.

Like to jam on the road? Well, you can now enjoy such privilege with the new music streaming compatibility of Garmin’s BMW Navigator VI. Just pair up the device to your smartphone, and you are free to stream either local or online music contents. This experience is only made better with the Bluetooth® capability of the product, allowing you to connect your compatible headset, motorcycle intercom or earphones.

Speaking of smart devices, you can also download the Smartphone Link application from your phone’s respective app store to access even more connectivity features. You can then select and download from several Garmin Live Services and dedicated apps, such as real-time weather updates, traffic, and more. Note that most of these extras are on a pay-to-subscribe basis, so consider your options well.

Garmin Tracker™ is also offered for this navigator, wherein you can give people access to your current whereabouts, or the other way around. However, you will be responsible for you own personal and public safety when engaging in this social tracking technology. Thus, utilize it responsibly.

Apart from its high resolution 5″ display, the screen is now brighter than ever, all thanks to the circular polarization filter of the monitor. This will not only make the display’s icons and colors more legible and discernible, but it will also make it more visible under direct sunlight.

If you are based in North America or Europe, you will be happy to know that this model can come with pre-installed map data of both continents. Map updates are also free for the entire ‘useful life’ of this specific BMW model that is made by Garmin. What this means is that you will continue to receive the latest map changes for as long as Garmin’s database is still supported by a third-party supplier.

Unfortunately, this lifetime update service is only available if you purchase the product with the pre-loaded maps. Nonetheless, you can still register for such package at a later date. The provider will also notify you on all updates via e-mail, so keep an eye out.

In regards to the maps and other data, you will need a memory card to store them. Although the device itself has an internal memory of 16 gigabytes, you can still expand that up to 64 GB using either one of the following: microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC. Adding more memory allows you to collect more information such as images, routes, custom waypoints, and even points of interests for reference, among others.

As mentioned above, the mount for this motorcycle GPS is optional. Fortunately, cradles for the previous BMW Motorrad Navigator V are also compatible on this newer build. Normally, your vehicle or the mount has a manual regarding the use of this setup, therefore refer to them properly.

When taking a break, or making a stop, you have the option to put the device in sleep mode. Just press the power key once to initiate, and press it again to exit. This is ideal for prolonging the typical 4-hour battery life of the gadget.

Additionally, you can adjust the brightness of the screen to conserve even more power. There is even an automatic brightness setting, but it is only available on mounted units. Moreover, you can easily adjust the volume of the alerts, or mute it entirely.

Final Verdict


BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS by Garmin

All in all, the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI motorcycle GPS is a significant upgrade from the former Navigator V. With better routing capabilities, faster transitions between menu tabs, brighter screen, and increased internal memory, just to name a few, this latest iteration is looking out to be the best Motorrad Navigator Garmin has produced, yet.

The pricing is still not definite, although some sources claim that this motorcycle GPS will retail slight more than the prior model’s original release price. Regardless, the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is an investment worth considering.