Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Intercom Dual Pack Review

Sena SMH10R Low Profile









  • Ultra slim model
  • Long range (980 yards)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology


  • Sena smartphone App

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With the sportbike riders in mind, the SMH10R is built with a longer range intercom with the latest Bluetooth technology for a maximum riding connectivity experience for you and your riding pals.

Unlike your usual type of Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets, the Sena SMH10R’s intercom functions are divided into two separate modules. One module contains the primary features and the control functions while the other module houses the battery.

All packed in one light, small and easy to install compact Bluetooth motorcycle headset are some of the best features Bluetooth technology can offer – intercom, hands-free calling, music and video streaming, GPS navigation.

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom - helmet Sena SMH10R motorcycle intercom headset - ultra slim and lightSena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Intercom Dual Pack

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The SMH10R low profile motorcycle Bluetooth headset intercom is packed to be light and small, but it doesn’t diminish its functionality as it offers almost the same features you will enjoy from its bigger counterparts. Here’s a breakdown of the Bluetooth headset’s specifications:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Bluetooth profiles: Headset, Hands Free Profile (HFP), Audio Video
  • Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Advanced Noise Control: Less wind and engine noise
  • Intercom: Sound quality is akin to a Goldwing or Harley Davidson
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Noise cancellation
  • Wide volume control
  • Talk time is good for 8 hours, standby up to 7 days
  • Intercom distance can extend up to 900 meters or 980 yards in open terrain
  • Dimensions: 70.7 mm x 36.6 mm x 15.5 mm
  • Charging time is 2.5 hours

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom - features

Sena SMH10R motorcycle intercom headset - featuresFeatures

There are many things you will love about this motorcycle intercom after all; it is a compact gadget that makes riding in your motorcycle all the more fun and convenient especially if you travel with friends. Here are some features that may it stand out:

  • Sleek Design

To complement with the lean look of the SMH10R, a flat cable lead from its Bluetooth module has three mini-connectors, two – pin connectors for the mic and battery and another four-pin interface for the larger headset. The connectors are created to fit with each other and have simple connections to keep it from being misaligned as each of them are incredibly thin.

  • Lightweight and Flexible

Although it lacks the popular “Jog Dial”, the SMH10R has three tactile controls: the Centre button, Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-). It is meant to be lightweight and flexible that can fit in any type of helmet.

  • Excellent Battery Life

Battery life is long (8 hours talk time or 7 days on standby). It actually is more than enough to sustain a day’s ride.

  • Exceptional Sound Quality

There is little to no background noise for both the caller and the receiver. Communication with the rest of the group is seamless.

Sena SMH10R motorcycle intercom headset - diagram overviewPros

Each motorcycle ride will definitely be an experience to remember with this low profile motorcycle Bluetooth intercom from Sena. Here’s a list of the things that make a difference when using it.

  • Aesthetically, the SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Intercom looks way cooler as compared to its big brother, the SMH10. It is lightweight, small and has an easier process of installing.
  • Device Pairing is savvy. It pairs with almost everything that has Bluetooth connectivity in it.
  • The intercom feature of the SMH10R is not an issue. Its savvy Bluetooth connectivity, intercom’s not to fear. For a small headset like this, it’s incredible to know that its range extends to as long as 900 meters under optimal conditions.
  • Because it’s a dual pack, there will be different installations for the two modules. The battery module, when already installed on the helmet will remain steady in there requiring not much of your attention unless you need to replace it.
  • Battery life of the SMH10R motorcycle intercom is one of the best. Living up to the Sena quality, it can run up to eight hours of talk time or seven days on stand by mode. When your using heavy music streaming or intercom, however the battery life decreases about an hour only. Charging the battery usually takes 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Users can still enjoy doing the four-person intercom even if the device is being recharged.
  • Storage and handling of the SMH10R is as well easy. It fits snugly to any type of helmets without being bothered about removing or replacing the entire unit. Because of its slim figure, you don’t have to worry about height constraints especially when storing your helmet.
  • The dual pack doesn’t come apart, which means it specifically meant for motorcycle bikers who love to go on adventure even on dusty and dirty environments. It’s very easy to use and come with user‘s and quick start guides.


A few reviewers have distinct tastes and contradictory views about the product. There’s a reduction in battery life. As mentioned earlier, if you have to use the device with heavy streaming, there is indeed a reduction in its battery life. If you want it to recharge, you can’t just easily remove the intercom.

Unlike the SMH10, reviewers find it difficult to toggle between the three buttons of the SMH10R. Sena SMH10R is distinctly designed equipped with the simplest of functionalities available. But if this kind of feature or you want a more high-end Bluetooth Intercom headset, then this one’s not for you.

If you are on a tight budget, then you might consider other Bluetooth headsets in the market.

Final Verdict

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Intercom Dual Pack

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Sena SMH10R motorcycle intercom headset - overview

There’s really nothing much of difference between two siblings: the SMH10R and the SMH10, except that the latter removes the popular “Jog Dial” from its features.

The SMH10R low-profile motorcycle intercom is lightweight, slim, easy to install, and highly innovative along with other features you would wish for a Bluetooth headset partner.