Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Motorcycle Intercom Review

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Cardo Scala Rider has introduced the Smartpack motorcycle intercom line. Next to the other great Bluetooth headsets of Scala Rider, the Smartpack is taking motorcycle intercoms to a higher level.

This intercom should be attached to your helmet and will not only allow you to talk to your passenger or a fellow rider, but it can also play music for you, take phone calls and much more. This headset bundles two pre-paired units, and at a considerably lower price than if you were to buy them individually, which is a perfect deal if you often motorbike in groups.

Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Motorcycle Intercom

Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - 2 pack

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Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - compact sized


This motorcycle intercom measures about 3.5 x 1.8 x 1 inches and it comes with a waterproof and dustproof build. Wireless connection is handled by a combination of Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) technology and Bluetooth 4.1.

Parallel audio streaming is also found in this device, giving you access to multimedia functions (FM radio or music playback) or GPS navigation, without interrupting intercom talk. Voice recognition is also another notable feature integrated into this machine, along with self-adjusting volume and SmartSet App (smartphone) capabilities. Total talk time can last up to 13 hours.

Scala Rider Smartpack Motorcycle Intercom - key features
Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - fitted on full face helmet

Features and Technologies

The Scala Rider Smartpack Duo offers multiple intercom modes, giving you several options as to how you want to establish communication, based on your planned riding setup. There is the dual DMC™ method, the other is the Bluetooth intercom mode. Each has its own optimal setting, so take account of the number of people you are travelling with ahead of time.

If you are journeying as a group of four separate riders, the DMC intercom mode will work best. It will allow you to connect up to three other riders over an auto-adaptive matrix. What this basically entails is that users will be able to can converse independently with one another, and in a seamless and autonomous fashion.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth intercom mode has a wider scope in terms of device compatibility. Unlike DMC, this approach will let you connect to most of the existing scala rider models. The Cardo gateway feature, which allows you to pair up with non-cardo brands, also uses Bluetooth as its main network.

Scala Rider Smartpack DMC technologyAt present, the dual DMC innovation is exclusive to the Cardo brand’s Scala Rider Smartpack and Packtalk lineups. Compared to Bluetooth network, this setup provides a more fluid and spontaneous interaction between users. It even has an extended reach of up to 3 miles or roughly 5 km, when in a group of 4.

Riders can join in or leave the pack at their own convenience without disrupting the existing conference. Additionally, if the person you are trying to directly connect to is out of range, the device will automatically re-adjust its connection to the other pack member that is closest to you in order to reach the most distant member. This happens in real-time, meaning everything flows naturally.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, every Smartpack unit and other DMC-capable scala rider models can instinctively recognize each other, granted they are paired beforehand and are within range. Plus, the pairing process only needs to be done once, although you can still remove and add in new pairings.

Since we are talking about the machine’s intercom modes, I think it is a fitting time to introduce the SmartSet App of the product. This application is one of three ways you can customize the settings of this device. Personally, I also think this is the easiest way to navigate through your unit’s various utilities, since you do not need a computer to do, nor will you be bothered by the different combinations of button presses.

Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - included in packageKeep in mind that there are some options that cannot be modified using the SmartSet App, so you have to access them either through the main menu or the Cardo Community program (PC/MAC). For a more detailed reference on this, check the compatibility table in the user manual.

Going back to the DMC mode, the SmarSet App is relatively the most straightforward way to facilitate a new pack. Alternatively, you can also set this up via the Advance Features Menu of the main module, albeit more steps are needed. Either way, once the pack is created, all riders (max 4) can begin talking instantaneously.

Note that only one of you is required to be the creator of the pack. However, the generated link will remain even when the pack initiator leaves, provided that two or more people are still on the line. Moreover, you will always remain in the group even when separated, unless you manually leave the pack.

The Bluetooth mode has the advantage of three unique intercom setups, namely: the 1+8 toggling, 4-way intercom conferencing, and click-to-link. With the former, you will be able to connect up to 8 other compatible devices, but talking can only be done one at a time. All users must configure their own unique “Buddy” name, otherwise, you will be known only as “Smartpack”.

To talk to your buddies, just say their registered name using the voice command (VOX) option. If you add in a new person, it will replace the one you have interacted with the least. The 4-way conference is best used for two drivers, each with a passenger. As for the click-to-link mode, it lets you instantly call or receive one from another rider in close proximity, even if not paired.

For all your multimedia needs, connect your smartphone or music players to one of the product’s two Bluetooth channels. You can also connect a GPS navigation device through this process.

Final Verdict

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Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - easy to use

Scala Rider Smartpack Duo Motorcycle Intercom

In conclusion, the Scala Rider Smartpack Duo is one of the best deals you can get in the market right now. You are essentially paying for two exceptional devices at a cheaper cost. If the intuitiveness of its DMC technology and the versatility of its Bluetooth intercom are not enough to convince you, I do not know what will.