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Cardo Scala Rider G9 motorcycle intercom - duo set

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If someone speaks about motorcycle intercom headsets, a Scala Rider intercom system is a sound name. Not only is this brand an industry leader, it sets apart from other companies in that it reaches up to a mile of communication and pack their products with countless amazing features at a reasonable price.

Products from Cardo Scala Systems

The Scala Rider Q1 motorcycle intercom has detachable speakers wherein users can easily plug in and out their own speakers. Intercom may be done in rider-to-passenger in Full Duplex mode. The user and the rider also get to share the same music, through its A2DP technology.

This motorcycle intercom system eliminates the need to pair up with a Bluetooth device since has a Click-to-Link technology. The microphones are interchangeable and corded and fit snugly for all helmets. Its Hot-Dial number feature allows you to program it depending on your region or country.

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Bikers that use this product get to toggle their bike-to-bike intercom between four riders that can reach as far as 1,100 yards. The rider and the passenger can share and enjoy their favorite music through its A2DP technology. It has a 35 mm jack input wherein users can plug their detachable speakers.

The Scala Rider Q3 has a self-adjusting speaker volume that automatically reduces or increases the volume according to the speed and ambience. Making and answering calls is hands-free with this device as well as getting motorcycle GPS navigation instructions.

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The most loved and innovative motorcycle intercom among the Scala Rider line, the Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset is nothing but abundance. This Bluetooth headset is being sold as a package of 2 wherein each of the units is packed with most advanced communication and entertainment features.

Each unit can connect up to eight motorcycle riders at a distance of up to 1,100 yards. With the connection on, you can simply state the name of your buddy from the circle so you can easily connect with him instantly in full-duplex. Pairing for this device is perhaps one of the unique ones since you only have to bump two G9 units to get connected. Of course it’s compatible with any motorcycle GPS device that is connectable with Bluetooth.

Users of this product also get to join the exclusive Cardo Community web platform wherein you get to meet motorcycle riders like you. It’s a social media platform intentionally made for Cardo users wherein you can ride, plan or join tours with fellow bikers. The software used for this product is upgradeable; hence, making your device always update to the latest advancements of Bluetooth technology.

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Cardo Systems: Setting the Market

The Cardo Systems, Inc. has been in the industry for more than a decade. Its headquarters is based in Pittsburgh, PA. Cardo Systems, ever since its conception has been producing quality communication systems for motorcycle and head protection helmets. It has been known to be setting the trend in the market with their new lines of product.

Cardo’s most popular product line is the Scala Rider and is known to be featuring the most extensive and advanced motorcycle intercoms for each category they belong to with wide array of choices. Scala Rider line of products is being sold to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Cardo Systems is being driven by their corporate tagline, “communication in motion”. They create the finest communication and entertainment products that help people to be empowered especially those who can’t seem to be in one place at a time. They also make sure that the products they produce do not take time to understand and are easy to install.

Cardo Systems Innovation

When it comes to communication, Bluetooth technology has definitely raised and transformed the way people see and make use of communication. From cell phones to motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, wireless communication is a turner and a trendsetter.

Cardo Systems is committed to giving consumers the best products, with that in mind most of the company’s entire workforce is comprised by employees that specifically eye on the quality of their devices and their continuous innovation.

Scala Rider was first launched in January 2005 and was said to be one of the first to offer the Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets in the world. Sena motorcycle intercoms with their Sena 20s is the biggest competitor for Cardo Systems top model the Scala Rider G9. This is just one of the examples of Cardo Systems being the industry’s leader and standard.

Cardo Community

Another first by the Cardo Systems, the Cardo Community web platform is a one-of-a-kind podium that gives motorcycle riders an avenue to meet and greet with fellow bikers. It’s akin to a social media platform that riders can set up riding tours with new found friends, join tours or anything what other fellow riders post.

Users of Cardo community get to make their own unique alias, should they wish to keep their real name. Whenever they go out on a tour with other bikers, they can call each other through intercom using their aliases.

The Cardo Systems is a reliable company that you can count on when it comes to highly functional and superior quality motorcycle intercom systems. The difference is noticeable and hard to miss when you are trying to talk over the intercom to your travel buddy.

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