Exciting Motorcycle Routes at the East Coast

Great Smoky Mountains National Park motorcycle road trip

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The East Coast of America has some fantastic scenery for motorcycle road trips. Of course there are beautiful roads along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean but also through several National Parks and other roads through the several States.

Before you start planning your next trip, make sure you follow all the safety tips and set up the motorcycle intercom / Bluetooth headset for the whole group and load the navigation details in your motorcycle gps device.

Point of View of Motorcycle Biker on road tripGet on the Road to the East Coast

In America, one of the best places to go motorcycling is at the East Coast. States that are located at the East Coast of the US have some of the most beautiful and scenic highways and thoroughfares in the country. Who does not love travelling while seeing the ocean? Also, places near the East Coast have some of the most majestic natural sights and wonders in the country, from plants to animals.

Right here we have several motorcycle routes along the East Coast which you can choose from. Whether you are riding a cruiser, a touring bike, a sport bike, or America’s signature custom bikes, you are going to love these motorcycle routes along the Eastern Seaboard.

  • Bike, cruise around the east coast highways of New Jersey

Motorcycle Route 80 Through Warren County New JerseyNew Jersey is an excellent starting place for any scenic route that is along the east coast. And if you are a motorcycle aficionado, you should definitely take the time and go to Jersey and experience touring right here. This US state has well-asphalted roads that go on for miles. And as you go through them, you will never run out of places to see, visit and check out.

One well-suggested motorcycle route is Route 29. Start out by passing through Washington Crossing State Park. This well-known park has an important historical significance which you will most certainly feel as you pass by. You will also be treated to some of America’s beautiful wild creatures such as owls, hawks, deer and raccoons. The species of plants that you will see along this route are also equally nice to see.

For your pit stops so as to partake of some hot meals, Route 29 gives you access to Frenchtown which has the Frenchtown Café that serves excellent breakfast meals and the River Blue Café which serves classic fast food meals, very ideal for a road trip.

  • Follow the Atlantic Coast while motorcycling in Maine

motorcycle tour maine east coastMaine is another excellent state in America to go to and have a scenic motorcycle trip. It has a coastal road that stretches for tens to hundreds of miles, giving you an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean.

You will get to admire the rocky coast of Maine as well as the many lighthouses that have been constructed, a reminder of the age of exploration well before we had satellite and GPS navigation. Many people who have experienced doing a road trip in Maine recommend the best time to do it during summer.

If you are in Maine, one motorcycle route that you can choose is US Route 1. This major American thoroughfare stretches more than 2,000 miles from Key West, Florida which is the Southern tip and ends in Fort Kent, Maine which is the Northern tip. This route also serves as an access point to several other cities and townships in this part of the US, so it gives you a lot of options.

Still, the best part of motorcycling in Maine is allowing yourself the chance to tour around and experience what the state has to offer. Maine is famous for its lobsters and a number of seafood restaurants are located right beside the road. Stop for a nice reward for your stomach after hours of riding your bike. Aside from lobsters, Maine also has other seafood delicacies like crabs, scallops, shrimps and clams.

Rocky Ocean Coast Drive in Acadia National Park MaineAside from the lighthouses that dot the coast of Maine, you might be lucky enough while travelling on the road and chance upon whale watching. There are certain times of the year where you get to see these gentle sea mammals in all their natural glory right at the ocean.

Another place that you can check out while passing through Maine on a motorcycle is Acadia National Park. This national park boast a couple hundred species of birds as well as unique critters like the American bullfrog and the red-bellied salamander.

  • Motorcycling in the State of Delaware

Delaware River Region Motorcycle Road TripHere is another Easter Coast state that you will love to go motorcycling, Delaware. Most people are aware of the tax perks that this state offers not just for local consumers but also visitors and of course tourists, which gives you another reason to take your trusty bike and make the trip to Delaware. Aside from nice shopping areas, Delaware also has other commercial establishments like casinos.

But the real reason why Delaware is a great place to travel are its Eastern Coast scenic routes. You will be passing through roads filled with lots of beautiful, natural backdrops like thick forests and woods, rolling hills, and of course a view of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It makes for an excellent opportunity to stop and capture the moment with a photo of the East Coast as a background, you and your bike right at the center.

A good example of a nice motorcycle route is the Delaware Coast Short Run, located right in the Delaware Bay coast. Because a portion of this route leads to the Eastern Seaboard, you will encounter coastal estuaries, flood lands and some side roads that lead to the Delaware River.

The road is a bit narrow with only two lanes and there are some blind curves so you might want to watch out too. There are some nice places to eat here like Sambo’s and Kelly’s Crab House.

If you plan on going on a road trip, these motorcycle routes in the East Coast are going to give you an experience of a lifetime!

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