UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review

UClear HBC 200HD Force









  • Affordable!
  • Compatibility with other brands
  • Good sound quality


  • Medium range (765 yards)

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A custom packaged communication system especially designed for the big V-twin rider, this UClear HBC 200HD Bluetooth helmet communication system basically takes the already great features of the UClear 200 Series to an even higher level.

It has got a pro microphone and long ear buds specifically designed for half-helmet riders while retaining the previous known features like the Super Group Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology, patented ABF technology and introducing the latest full duplex intercom system with a long range of 700 meters.

UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - packaging box UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom fitted on helmetUClear HBC 200HD Force

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The UClear communication systems have always been unique because of the absence of wired microphone which is commonly seen in others. Given this, they have been the more preferred brand as they are able to provide more convenience. With this Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system, functionality is what will take your heart and mind away.

Taking its cue from the previously successful 200 Series, this HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth headset boasts of features that are otherwise being used only in the military. With that being said, everyone is assured of a reliable communication system unlike any other. Check out the UClear HBC 200HD intercom’s detailed specifications below:

  • Boomless microphone incorporated into speaker housing
  • Applicable for Super Group Intercom, phone calls, GPS instructions, playing music
  • Full Duplex
  • Multipoint Bluetooth headset service
  • Open intercom – compatible with other Bluetooth communicator brands (Sena / Cardo Scala)
  • Multi-Hop with 10 users connected up to 43 miles between each rider
  • Weatherproof
  • Rechargeable control unit
  • Takes voice commands
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
  • Patented ABF/DSP technology
  • Fits all helmets – full face, 3/4, and half
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Package includes UClear HBC 200HD units, Pro Microphone, long ear buds, AC/USB charger and charging cable, metal mounting brackets, clip brackets, anti-slip rubber patches, and Velcro for the speakers.

UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - features specifications


With noticeably improved features, the UClear HBC 200HD intercom remains comfortable and easy to use. In fact, it now comes with a wide array of great benefits for all users and not just exclusive for motorcycle users though they still benefit the most here.

To educate you more on how the HBC 200HD of UClear differs from the rest, we have listed here some of the awesome new features of this communication system that would further explain why it has that definite appeal to everyone.

  • Compatibility with Other Brands

UClear has always been about pointing forward new technology and we have heard of them developing this technology in the past years and now, they have made it happen. If you have always been quite cautious in choosing a Bluetooth headset before due to the fact that UClear can only pair up with another UClear, well, that has definitely changed for the better.

This is made possible with the addition of the latest firmware to the HBC 200HD, thus making connectivity with other brands of Bluetooth intercoms possible. With this, you can now ride together with other motorcycle riders who own a different brand and need not to worry (of course their Bluetooth headset should also have the same versatile connectivity).

  • Simple but Efficient Design

Another philosophy of UClear has always been to keep things simple but efficient. Having done so in their numerous years in the industry, they kept it yet again plain, simple, and efficient with the UClear HBC 200HD. Focus is still on the rider-to-rider or rider-to-user communication.

This design is beautifully exhibited as what you would experience in pairing and/or controlling your other gadgets such as MP3 players, GPS devices, and even your smartphone. The manual that comes in this package is refreshingly easy-to-read and understand. It is easy to install and even easier to use once you get the hang of it.

  • Clears Calls even at an Expanded Reach

The most common concern of motorcycle riders would be, of course, how clear the communication will be if the reach is expanded. While this still depends on the road and vicinity situation (i.e. hills, winding roads), UClear made use of full duplex technology to make this as possible as it can be. This technology expands not just the reach and range but the quality of group communication as well. This is what separates UClear HBC 200HD from the rest today.


With the full duplex technology along with the noise cancellation technology, there is just no way for anyone not to like this fascinating product from UClear as is proven by its perfect 5-star rating. The UClear HBC 200HD motorcycle intercom system works as described and in absolute perfection whether you are on the motorcycle or in a four-wheel vehicle.


While everyone is bragging about how awesome the HBC 200HD system is, there were earlier complaints about them hearing the other person but them not being heard on the other line. As it turned out, the extended wires were not placed properly.

This is the main reason why everyone should read the user’s manual first. This will definitely save you time and effort as you will get everything right the first time.

Final Verdict

UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - features UClear HBC 200HD Force Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom - overviewUClear HBC 200HD Force

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Forget yelling and irritable moments with a faulty and unreliable Bluetooth headset. With this UClear HBC 200HD motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, you will be amazed of how easy and clear it is to communicate with someone.

No wonder why some call this a phenomenal product. It works flawlessly and definitely worth the investment.