Shark SHKMHF9 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review










  • Very long range (3,810 feet)
  • Very clear sound
  • Easy installation


  • Wind noise cancellation
  • Antenna construction

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Shark Motorcycle Audio, the US-based motorcycle intercoms manufacturer, has another product that will surely fit every rider’s communication needs on the road. The SHKMHF9 Bluetooth headset boasts a four-way interphone system with fm radio. Also, you will not only get one, but two rider sets in a single pack purchase. Talk about buying two sets of motorcycle intercoms for the price of one.

Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo package) - details Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo set) - package boxBUY the Shark SHKMHF9

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  • Great for motorcycles, snow scooters, ATVs, etc.
  • Full duplex wireless Bluetooth hands-free intercom communication
  • Bridge Device for four-way conference intercom talk
  • Built-in FM radio tuner
  • DSP wind noise cancellation technology
  • Can be paired up to four riders and talk between all of them at the same time
  • Intercom range limit up to 1,500 meters (3,810 feet)
  • A2DP Bluetooth technology for wireless music and verbal GPS direction
  • Knob control for easy operation
  • Automatically receives cell phone calls and intercom calls
  • 5mm line-in for external audio device or wired connectivity to two-way radio device
  • Waterproof design and handles all weather conditions
  • Can plug earphones and microphone in helmet – fits into the ear well of all standard helmets
  • Up to 160km/h speed
  • Up to 9 hours talk time, 150 hours standby time

Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo package) - specifications
Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo package) - set


It’s not every day that you come across a product which is reliable, durable, and affordable. The SHKMHF9 model from Shark truly gives you a great package – great features for a budget-friendly price. Below are three of the best things to love about it.

  • Great range and clear sound

The SHKMHF9 has set its intercom range limit of up to 1,500 meters. What’s good about it is that you can still hear clear sounds from your rider buddies despite the set distance apart. Users even noted that even on a quarter mile, they can still hear good reception on both ends. Streaming music is also good using this headset as you can still hear your favorite songs in their high-quality stream rate.

  • Impressive communication system

The four-way communication system truly works well for this model. We already noted of the clear sound it produces despite the long distance range, but we like to add the fact that it automatically reconnects once the connection from the motorcycle intercom system was lost.

  • Easy installation

You can set up this headset within ten minutes and even less with its simple packaging and use it immediately, even if it’s your first time to use a motorcycle headset.


Now let’s look at the awesome things you enjoy when you do decide that the Shark SHKMHF9 is what you need on the road.

  • One purchase, two sets

The fact that you can buy them in two’s simply means that you can let the other unit used by your fellow rider buddy so you could have great communication and coordination together while on the road. Also, this is a great value for your budget as you can buy them on the same price for a single unit for other motorcycle intercom models, even for those from Shark itself. And if you find this product really great, you can lend the other pair to your good friend who is still skeptical in using an intercom headset for trial use.

  • Surprising affordable pricing

Of course, all of us have been looking for good products that are worth more than their set price tag. This motorcycle from Shark never fails to deliver high quality service to its customers, making them a good and rising competitor in the motorcycle intercom market.


No warning signals when battery reaches low. Yes, too bad, the SHKMHF9 just dies out without telling any warning signals to the user. This might cause the rider to panic a bit as soon as he finds out that the unit stops working just as that and still active on the road, and might cause a speculation that he bought a defective product.

This product works well especially if the antenna is raised. But isn’t the antenna supposed to be raised up and kept that way while you’re using the unit? You use some glue to permanently fix the antenna.

Wind noise cancellation seems to be not working in some cases. While this Bluetooth motorcycle intercom from Shark works well on a normal day, things might not be the same on very windy days. It’s either the manufacturer still has to improve on their wind noise cancellation feature for their future releases or the wind is just too powerful on a specific day that it bypasses the supposed cancellation feature. Top-end quality headsets are available from Sena and Cardo Scala but will cost you a lot more as well.

Final Verdict

Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo package) - connections Shark Shkmhf9 Motorycycle Intercom 3800 Ft Bike-to-bike 4 Way Bluetooth Headset (duo package) - close upBUY the Shark SHKMHF9

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Overall, the SHKMHF9 four-way Bluetooth motorcycle intercom from Shark can be considered as a good purchase. First, you are getting two units instantly and you can use them immediately with your fellow road buddy. And second, you can never go wrong with the quality you will get – it’s worth your hard-earned budget.

The only things that we hope Shark can work on are the issues on low battery signals, antenna, and the occasional malfunction of wind noise cancellation feature. We believe that this product could surpass the other high-end models better as long as these issues will be addressed and hopefully, will be resolved in their future model developments.