Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera and Bluetooth Intercom Review

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera and Bluetooth Intercom









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The Sena 10C-01 combines a motorcycle bluetooth intercom system with an action sports camera. From now onwards you can use this Sena headset to make great motorcycle videos and communicate with your friends while riding some great routes.

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera and Bluetooth Intercom

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Headset Communication system

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The Sena 10C-01 measures around 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches, and weighs about 3.19 oz. (90g). Equipped with a lithium polymer battery, this motorcycle headset can offer up to 17 hours of total talk time, while the camera can film up to 2 hours of continuous footage (available in 1080p and 720p resolutions). As for the charge time, this Sena unit can be up and running again after only 3.5 hours of recharging (via micro-USB).

The Sena 10C-01 uses Bluetooth 4.1, and can accommodate up to 32GB of MicroSD memory (not bundled). In terms of wire lengths, the boom microphone is 190 mm long, 555 mm. for the wire length between speakers, and 36mm for the actual speaker (driver unit). Aside from video mode, photo and time-lapse modes are also available, along with FM radio.

For the full specifications, please see below:

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Intercom - technology specifications
Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Intercom - parts

Features and Technologies

Upon the unboxing of the product, you should get the following contents: main headset, clamp unit, glued surface mounting plate, speaker, wired microphone, attachable boom microphone, a USB cable, an Allen wrench, and a cigarette charger. For more info on each item’s subparts, you best refer to the user manual.

Setting up the main module of the Sena 10C-01 is also an effortless process. First, loosen the clamp’s two screws using the given Allen wrench, then insert its backplate between the interior padding and exterior shell of your helmet. Afterwards, retighten the screws and ensure the clamp is securely fastened.

Next, prepare the main module by inserting your MicroSD card into the memory slot, then simply affix it to the clamp. If your motorbike helmet is not compatible with the given clamp, you can use the glued surface mounting plate as an alternative.

Keep in mind that the Sena 10C-01 model can only be positioned on the left side of your helmet, which some might not be too keen on. Nevertheless, the gadget can be operated using simple button inputs, so it is easy to acclimate to, regardless if you are left or right-handed.

When it comes to installing the microphone and speakers, the setup will mostly involve sticking Velcro pads inside your helmet. Both items have their respective pads, with one side Velcro and the other adhesive. After every component is in place, all that is left is to connect the wires, which you can refer to the manual.

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Intercom SystemAfter you are done with the outfitting, you can adjust the angle of the main device. For the vertical angle, you can adjust up to 360°, whereas you can only do 30° horizontally. For optimal recording angle, make sure the lens’s red tip is perpendicular to the ground.

Now that you are all set, let us talk about features. To turn on/off the Sena 10C motorcycle intercom, press the Jog Dial and Phone Button together until the LED indicator lights up. This signal is one way to check battery percentage, which is determined by the number of flashes (refer to the manual).

Another method of checking battery level is through voice prompts. If your device does not have enough power to record video, you will hear a “Camera off, battery low” speech alert, followed by an automatic shutdown of the camera soon after.

The intercom, however, will stay on. If the battery reaches a critical level, the unit will simply announce “low battery”, and will then shut off on its own thereafter.

There are several ways to recharge the headset. One is stationary via USB (PC or AC), and the other can be done on the road by using the cigarette charger. You can also opt for a portable power bank, which you can keep under your jacket. A red LED means charging, while blue indicates a full charge.

As mentioned above, video recording is available in both 1080p and 720p. The former is only capable of 30fps, while the latter can also film at 60fps, which will give your video a lot smoother viewing.

Video duration depends on your memory card. Normally, 32GB can capture roughly 4 ½ hours in 1080p, and approximately 6 to 12 hours in 720p, at 60 and 30 fps, respectively.

Single and burst (5 images) still shots are also doable, at 3.5M pixel quality. If you only want to keep a video of certain events, you can use the Video Tagging feature. This records only the last 60 sec. of the present footage, while overwriting the rest, which can save you a lot of memory space.

Keep in mind that the max size per clip is only 4GB, so you might end up with multiple footages if you record in long durations. Apart from being able to record audio through the headset microphone, you can also pick up sounds from your speakers, thanks to the Smart Audio Mix™ function.

When riding with friends, you can create a group and pair the Sena 10C-01 up to three other intercom devices. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with Sena headsets. You can pair up with a non-Sena intercom with the “Universal Intercom function” but in that case, you can only pair up to one device.

Pairing the device to your smartphone (via Bluetooth®) gives you access to common headset-to-phone features. This includes music playback and sharing, phone calls, and GPS navigation, among others. Lastly, you can view your recordings on TV using micro-HDMI.

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Intercom - features specifications

Final Verdict

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Headset Intercom

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Overall, the Sena 10C-01 is, by far, the most well-rounded motorcycle headset in the market. It can record audio and video in one unified system, whereas other models still require a separate setup or accessory for each function.

Truly, this action sports camera and communication device is worth every penny, not to mention it has a reliable warranty service and free firmware updates.