Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro Motorcycle Intercom Review

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro









  • Full duplex
  • Good range (2,300 feet)
  • Noise reduction


  • Difficult to pair

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The Scala Rider Q2 is no longer available, check out the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 instead!

Offering more value with regards to bike-to-bike intercom communication within an impressive distance of up to 700 meters is the Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom. It is a well-designed and fully-featured Bluetooth version 2.0 communications device with a high-quality mono two-speaker headset.

With its compact and lightweight design couple with multiple functions, it is amazingly easy to use. It offers hands-free profiles and can work seamlessly between four Bluetooth devices. The Scala Rider Q2 can also pair with other Q2 intercoms within a 500-meter range and earlier models Scala Rider within 10 meters.

Scala Rider Q2 Multi Twinpack Bluetooth Helmet Motorcycle Intercom Handsfree System Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle intercomScala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro Motorcycle Intercom

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Packaged in an attractive box, the Scala Rider Q2 intercom kit contains the Bluetooth control module, boom microphone, single component headset, helmet clamp, and left and right mono speakers. You will also find an AC/DC charger, Velcro pads, Allen wrench, extension pad, two additional microphone sponges, small carry pouch, and a multi-language user guide.

To give you a better idea, here are the detailed specifications of the Q2 Bluetooth intercom by Scala Rider:

  • Bike-to-Bike Intercom within a range of 700 meters or 2,300 feet
  • Rider-to-Passenger Communications
  • Full Duplex
  • Corded Mic
  • Parallel Connectivity
  • Mobile Phone Compatibility
  • GPS Device Compatibility
  • A2DP enabled MP3 player or Adapter
  • Priority Management
  • Built-In FM Radio with RDS functionality – 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
  • Automatic Radio Muting with Incoming Calls
  • Radio-On Time for an average of 8-10 Hours
  • MP3 Player Connectivity via Cable (included)
  • Talk Time of up to 8 Hours
  • Standby Time of up to 7 Days
  • Charging Time of 3 Hours
  • Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • AGC Technology or Automatic Volume Control
  • VOX Technology
  • Speaker Booster
  • PLC or Packet Loss Concealment
  • Fits Full Faced or 3/4 Helmets
  • Quick Release Mechanism for Headset
  • Two Ultra-Slim Speakers – 5.7-mm thickness
  • 4 Large Control Buttons
  • Voice Dial
  • Last Number Redial
  • Call Reject
  • Wireless Streaming Stereo
  • Wireless MP3 Music
  • GPS Voice Instructions
  • Universal Travel Charger 110/240V
  • IP67 Certified
  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Version 2.1 Class 1
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro motorcycle intercom headset - features

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro motorcycle intercom headset - overviewFeatures

Setting up the whole Scala Rider Q2 intercom system is definitely easy. Do not be fooled by the thick manual book because it comes in different languages, hence, you just have to thoroughly read and understand about 10 pages of it with instructions that are simple and easy to understand.

Further keeping things simple but highly functional are the four buttons which consists of the control button, multi-connection button, and of course the two volume controls. Syncing the headsets was easy (for as long as you have read and understood the instruction manual). Setting this Scala Rider Q2 with mobile phones are equally easy if not easier because of the Bluetooth capability.

Truth is once you are done setting up, you probably cannot wait to learn more about the wonderful features in this compact and lightweight device. Let us guide you through some of everyone’s favorite features of the Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom system.

  • Audio Priorities

Most intercom manufacturers are slowly learning the art of incorporating priority management. Scala Rider, however, has already perfected this and is fully showcased in the Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle Bluetooth bike to bike intercom. The order of priority management by the Q2 is as follows:

  • 1 – Mobile phone audio for incoming/outgoing calls
  • 2 – GPS audio for navigation instructions
  • 3 – Primary or Secondary Pairing
  • 4 – FM Radio, wireless music streaming, or MP3 player

For example, if there is a call and the music is playing, the music then will be immediately cut-out to make way for the call and only restored 15-20 seconds after the call has been ended. Same goes with the other priorities. Users love the fact that the cut-out audio is gradually restored, hence, no abrupt on/off effect.

  • Very Impressive Range

Some users actually took this out to Florida for a real test to determine how it will fare with different terrains, road conditions, and even weather conditions. If you can remember, the Q2 by Scala Rider’s range is said to be up to 700 meters or 2,300 feet.

When tested on clear road stretches on long highways, clear conversation was maintained for as far as 900 meters or over half a mile. On certain unfavorable terrain conditions, connections are lost but quickly reconnected.

  • Music Options

Yes most motorcycle riders ride to get away from this extremely busy and toxic world. However, long trips can also be tiring and boring. This is where entertainment specifically music fits in perfectly.


Truly a multi-functional device, it is highly suggested to get to know the detailed specifications so that you will know how to properly use it and maximize its benefits. Charging takes 15 seconds to activate and there are only two controls that are very simple and easy to understand. All these and more makes Scala Rider Q2 an option to consider in motorcycle communication devices.

Let’s take a look at the good things that will come your way with this handy gadget:

  • Quick, Easy Breezy Installation

No complicated installation manuals. It’s just like any other headset except for the functions and one major difference – the clamp. Make sure this is attached to the left side of the helmet and you’re good to go. It fits motorcycle helmets just fine and can be removed/re-attached at any time.

  • Noise Reduction – Check!

Another great thing about the Q2 motorcycle Bluetooth headset intercom is that it uses AGC or automatic gain control which basically increases or decreases volume depending on ambient noise levels and riding speed. Because of this technology, audio is clearer and quality is definitely better.

  • FM Music Galore

The Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle intercom system comes with a built-in FM radio which is helpful especially during times when there are no other audio sources or you forgot the cable. With a 6-station memory and search and store functions, this is yet another feature that is easy to use.


With a perfect 5-star rating at Amazon, Scala Rider was able to push even further the limits and boundaries with the former Q2 and as a result, users love this Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle bike-to-bike intercom. It is a great Bluetooth headset that functions perfectly as advertised.

However, some say that they had a hard time pairing this with their old versions. Again, it is a very good idea to go through the manual once again or may be contact one of their customer care specialists so you can be guided step by step.

Final Verdict

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro Motorcycle Intercom

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Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro motorcycle intercom headset - explained

The Cardo Scala Rider Q2 motorcycle intercom is a very excellent system with its functionalities and a day-long battery which is extremely important especially for those long rides. For all these, it is without a doubt that Scala Rider Q2 is one of our top picks of the portable Bluetooth headsets to date. If you require a more advanced intercom, you could check out the Scala Rider Q3 or Scala Rider G9.

Scala Rider Q2 Multiset Pro motorcycle intercom headset